FACT: Food and ACtivity Tracker

CS 225: Next Generation Search Systems, Winter 2018

FACT is a mobile app for managing personal diet and exercise. It uses the Google Fit platform to log the user’s physical activities (like walking, running, cycling, exercising, etc.), as well as the user’s food intake. The user can set a fitness goal (gaining weight, losing weight, or maintaining weight). Based on the user’s fitness goals, his/her activity levels, and food preferences, the app will recommend what food items to eat for each meal of the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, as well as snacks).

The app is currently a prototype.

GitHub: FACT

Autonomous Campus Guide

CSE 181: Senior Design Project, Fall 2015 - Spring 2016

Designed an autonomous campus guide drone capable of navigating the user to a desired building on campus.
The drone system has two components: mobile app and server. The mobile app is used by the user to request a drone and to specify the desired building, either on a map or by using the building code (e.g. DBH for Donald Bren Hall). The server is responsible for taking the user’s request and sending the appropriate flight path to the drone. It takes the user’s current location, the drone’s current location, and the desired building, and uses Google Maps to determine a path for the drone to take. It then creates a flight path consisting of coordinates, or waypoints, for the drone to fly through, and sends the flight plan to the drone.

GitHub: senior-project

32-bit MIPS Processor

CSE 132L: Computer Architecture Lab, Winter 2016

Designed a 32-bit MIPS processor in VHDL. The processor is pipelined, allowing for multiple instructions in the pipeline in a single clock cycle. The processor design is broken into stages (fetch, decode, execute, mem, writeback), and the stages are integrated via registers at stage boundaries.
As the team leader, I orchestrated project tasks among the team members, and oversaw the integration of the different components developed (controller, register file, 32-bit ALU, ROM, etc.)

Project source code: cse132L_CART.zip